Insight Into The Semi-Truck

red and white truck on road during daytime

Seward Motor Freight, Inc., is a logistics business founded in 1940. As a small family-owned corporation, it has become a haulage and trucking company with contract authority. Seward Motor Freight, Inc., uses trucks to transport commercial goods in the intercontinental USA.

The most popular haulage truck in the United States is the semi-truck, also known as semis, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, semi-tractor trailers, and many more. Tractor units generally have two or three axles. But those intended to transport heavy-duty materials or construction machines have up to five axles. A front-engine, one steering axle, and two driving axles are the most frequent tractor-cab configurations.

The semi-truck is a freight carrier that consists of a tractor unit and one or more semi-trailers. They also have a fifth-wheel connection, often called a hitch, which joins the semi-trailer to a tractor, with the tractor bearing the majority of the trailer’s weight. Consequently, the tractor and semi-trailer combination has a distinct structure and is quite different from a rigid truck and trailer.


Benefits of Shipping With Less-Than-Truckload Freight

Founded in the early 1940s, Seward Motor Freight, Inc. located in Seward, Nebraska provides transportation services for customers as a general commodity, truckload (TL) carrier. Seward Motor Freight, Inc. started as a less than truckload (LTL) until the 1980s when de-regulation changed Seward Motor Freight, Inc. business plan as a LTL carrier to a truckload carrier.
Trucking companies that specialize as a (LTL) means that rather than contracting a trucking company to transport a company’s freight exclusively, their product is placed in a trailer along with other customer’s products. Businesses looking to effectively manage their logistics services that provide small qualities of product to their customers consider LTL shipping. This also helps to cut down on cost for companies looking to spend their money effectively.
Shipping your goods in smaller quantities with other companies will reduce the overall shipping costs for everyone. There are numerous shipping options available for orders with specific requirements; volume pricing, delivery location or pickup, additional insurance and expedited service.

Essential Fleet Maintenance Strategies

Seward Motor Freight, a family-owned truckload carrier, delivers freight to the Southeast, South, Midwest, and East Coast of the United States. Established in the early 1940s, Seward Motor Freight was formed to transport cargo between Omaha and Seward, Nebraska, and has operated its own fleet maintenance facility since 1985. The more effective a company’s fleet functions, the better it operates, hence the need for a strategic fleet maintenance policy.

An important strategy is selecting a fleet tracking system that is customized to your operation. A fleet tracking system is software that allows you to track driver locations to ensure they maintain the same productivity standard, including monitoring speed violations, mileage, and vehicle maintenance, and is tailored to a company’s needs. Features can include the ability to track orders in real-time for all the parties involved, including those throughout the supply chain.

Another fleet maintenance strategy concerned companies may adopt is changing the policy that allows the use of fleet vehicles overnight for workers who need to go directly to worksites or other locations. As convenient as this policy may be for employees and the company, there are factors to consider, despite its time-saving advantage. Factors like after-hours usage, liability, employees’ geography, and benefits should all be considered. Consider running a cost-benefit analysis to help you determine if allowing the use of vehicles for after-work purposes is a logical or emotional choice.

SmartDrive’s Video Systems Improve Freight Carrier Safety

In 1984 Seward Motor Freight moved their headquarters to a 6.5-acres location at the intersection of Highway 15 and Interstate 80 to improve logistics and operations. Seward Motor Freight is a family-owned truckload carrier that has always used technology to improve safety and has been recognized by the Nebraska Trucking Association with safety awards. To achieve driver safety and fleet efficiency, Seward Motor Freight leverages innovative technologies like SmartDrive’s video-based systems. SmartDrive offers video system technologies for fleets of all sizes. Once installed into a truck, the video systems capture data from inside the truck as well as outside. The strategically installed outer cameras give 360-degree views, recording happenings in front of, behind, and around the truck as they take place. The comprehensive video technologies capture and transmit real-time driver performance data to a control center where technicians apply computational analytics to measure driver performance and give actionable recommendations to fleet owners. These recommendations include suitable training programs for individual drivers. Videos are scored based on an ISO-certified process that is up-to-date and fair to drivers. SmartDrive even supports customized safety scores according to a fleet’s risk areas and internal policies. Overall, video systems have proven effective in minimizing driver errors, reducing collisions, and increasing fuel and maintenance savings. They also lower claims costs.