SmartDrive’s Video Systems Improve Freight Carrier Safety

In 1984 Seward Motor Freight moved their headquarters to a 6.5-acres location at the intersection of Highway 15 and Interstate 80 to improve logistics and operations. Seward Motor Freight is a family-owned truckload carrier that has always used technology to improve safety and has been recognized by the Nebraska Trucking Association with safety awards. To achieve driver safety and fleet efficiency, Seward Motor Freight leverages innovative technologies like SmartDrive’s video-based systems. SmartDrive offers video system technologies for fleets of all sizes. Once installed into a truck, the video systems capture data from inside the truck as well as outside. The strategically installed outer cameras give 360-degree views, recording happenings in front of, behind, and around the truck as they take place. The comprehensive video technologies capture and transmit real-time driver performance data to a control center where technicians apply computational analytics to measure driver performance and give actionable recommendations to fleet owners. These recommendations include suitable training programs for individual drivers. Videos are scored based on an ISO-certified process that is up-to-date and fair to drivers. SmartDrive even supports customized safety scores according to a fleet’s risk areas and internal policies. Overall, video systems have proven effective in minimizing driver errors, reducing collisions, and increasing fuel and maintenance savings. They also lower claims costs.

Benefits of Membership in the American Trucking Associations

Established in the early 1940s, Seward Motor Freight has a long history of hauling freight across the Midwest, South, and Southeast. Based in Seward, Nebraska, Seward Motor Freight is staffed by a dynamic team of professionals, who have been long time members of the American Trucking Associations (ATA). Several employees of Seward Motor Freight, Inc. spend additional time serving on committees for the ATA which in turn helps all carriers benefit by the decisions made in these committees.

With a membership of more than 37,000, ATA is the leading voice of motor carriers in the United States. The group leverages its strength and size to advocate for its members, making sure legislative and regulatory policies favor the industry. ATA also offers tools and resources to advise business leaders on industry topics and educate the public on the vital role of the industry. ATA also offers tools and resources to advise business leaders on industry topics and educate the public on the vital role of the industry.

Membership in ATA is open to all types of motor carriers, including for-hire carriers, private carriers, allied companies, and shippers. Once registered as ATA members, all companies’ staff members gain access to ATA tools and resources, including admission to ATA conferences.

Employees of companies that join ATA enjoy networking opportunities at ATA events and conferences. ATA membership gives them access to the latest trucking-related news and resources, ensuring that they make informed decisions.

Benefits of LTL Shipping

Seward Motor Freight is an award-winning shipping company with an impeccable safety record and excellent customer service. With a range that spans 48 states and thousands of miles, Seward Motor Freight is one of the premier freight carriers in the US.

Small shippers who don’t want to resort to freight consolidation have an excellent option in the form of less-than-truckload shipping. LTL shipping is a cost-efficient way to transport freight above 150 pounds, and even less with some shippers.

It lets you ship out goods when you’re ready, rather than having to wait for orders to be received or product to be produced. Most carriers also offer specialized handling options for LTL shipping and provide excellent security measures for your freight.

Shipping with a reliable carrier will also let you track your goods every step of the way, so you can calculate the time of arrival and maintain close communication with your clients. And LTL shipping allows trucks to travel full more often. If a shipper hires a whole truck but can’t fill it, there’s a lot of space on the truck that serves no purpose. This makes LTL shipping an environmentally friendly option as well.

A Brief Overview of the ATA’s LEAD Program

A leader in the commodities transportation industry, Seward Motor Freight, Inc. maintains a lengthy record of safety and was the recipient of consecutive awards for its outstanding safety program. Dedicated to staying current with transportation industry happenings, Seward Motor Freight, Inc. maintains professional memberships with the Nebraska Trucking Association and the American Trucking Association (ATA).

The most comprehensive trade association serving professionals working within the American trucking industry, the ATA advocates and advances the business of truck transportation while supporting its members. The ATA operates the LEAD ATA program to equip high-performing trucking industry professionals with advanced knowledge of the ATA and the legislative processes that affect it and leadership and management skills to support their advancement within the industry.

The LEAD program takes place over one year and includes four courses that involve presentation and project work. To be eligible for the program, applicants must currently be employed by an ATA Motor Carrier or Allied Member and hold good status with the association. The LEAD program provides real-world experience and accepts a diverse range of participants from a variety of the industry’s sectors.