SmartDrive’s Video Systems Improve Freight Carrier Safety

In 1984 Seward Motor Freight moved their headquarters to a 6.5-acres location at the intersection of Highway 15 and Interstate 80 to improve logistics and operations. Seward Motor Freight is a family-owned truckload carrier that has always used technology to improve safety and has been recognized by the Nebraska Trucking Association with safety awards. To achieve driver safety and fleet efficiency, Seward Motor Freight leverages innovative technologies like SmartDrive’s video-based systems. SmartDrive offers video system technologies for fleets of all sizes. Once installed into a truck, the video systems capture data from inside the truck as well as outside. The strategically installed outer cameras give 360-degree views, recording happenings in front of, behind, and around the truck as they take place. The comprehensive video technologies capture and transmit real-time driver performance data to a control center where technicians apply computational analytics to measure driver performance and give actionable recommendations to fleet owners. These recommendations include suitable training programs for individual drivers. Videos are scored based on an ISO-certified process that is up-to-date and fair to drivers. SmartDrive even supports customized safety scores according to a fleet’s risk areas and internal policies. Overall, video systems have proven effective in minimizing driver errors, reducing collisions, and increasing fuel and maintenance savings. They also lower claims costs.